Firing up Chemistry with Light - Modern Applications of Photochemistry
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Day 2: The structure of matter – 3D materials analysis
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New functional materials are essential for technological improvements. Their specific properties arise from the materials structure on the micro and nanoscale, created artificially or utilizing self-organization. Thus, a fundamental understanding of materials properties requires knowledge of their structure down to the atomic scale.

11 to 13
180 min
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl


  • overview on different methods for 3D materials characterization
  • physics of diffraction techniques
  • remotely control an X-ray diffractometer to analyze the crystal structure of a material

The materials classes addressed in this course are semiconductors and metals. Characterization techniques cover 3D (tomographic) imaging and diffraction. Particularly, X-ray diffraction in Bragg-Brentano geometry for single crystalline and polycrystalline materials is introduced. The participants measure crystallographic data of single crystalline materials using remotely controlled X-ray diffractometers. A brief introduction to Miller indices allows a quantitative evaluation of the measurements.

Participants should be familiar with fundamentals of diffraction and interference. X-ray diffraction and crystallography will be introduced in the course / webinar.