Farewell, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen

XLAB wishes all ISC participants a safe journey home and is already planning the next international camp.

The participants are now traveling from Göttingen back to their home countries. They agree that the time was definitely worth it. Yewon from France is impressed by the experiments, "which you really can't do at school." For her, the collaboration with the other participants interested in science is also special; she says it really felt like a community of people with similar interests. "I made a lot of new friends." For Gayoung from South Korea, the selection of topics was particularly decisive for her visit and the very positive conclusion: "I am very interested in sustainable technology and therefore participated in the courses on polymers from renewable raw materials as well as renewable energies and it was really a very meaningful and constructive time." My from Sweden is also full of praise, because "it was a lot of fun to experiment by myself and also to be able to go much deeper in theory than in school."

The XLAB is planning the next International Science Camp in 2023, August 05 to 27. It will probably be possible to register from December 2022.