High demand

More than 40 teachers learned about the methods used in the life sciences today in a new online continuing education series.

In the lecture series, the XLAB Biology Department provided insight into gene cloning, the role of cell culture in diagnostics and 3D tissue engineering.

XLAB lecturer Dr. Maram Bader: "We are often asked whether restriction enzymes are still used in the laboratory. Depending on whom you ask, the answers vary. Certainly, they no longer play the same role in gene cloning as they did ten years ago. That's one reason why we focus on current alternatives in our online lecture series." Her colleague Kristina Wiege PhD is personally fascinated above all by what can be done with stem cells today and the research achievement behind it: "Millimeter-sized organoids in cell culture that behave like a real organ are a major milestone on the road to personalized medicine."

One participant, who works at the Studienkolleg Hamburg, expressed her gratitude for the clear insights and the materials: "For my students, all topics dealing with medical applications are highly interesting. All the topics that were addressed in the last three events are therefore very good for me to apply in class."