Be Prepared for your Studies

Prospective freshmen gain lab experience.

Prospective students of natural sciences and medicine are currently acquiring basic experimental scientific skills in a one-week course and preparing for the laboratories in their major and minor subjects. In the chemistry lab, for example, they independently performe basic experimental operations and detection reactions for functional groups and purify an organic solid acid. In the biology lab, they deal with handling minute quantities and sensitive materials and working in a sterile manner. In physics, they dealt with the grating spectrometer, refraction, diffraction and beam paths on lenses, and electrical circuits, among other things. The eight participants are very satisfied with what they are learning. In school, they had very different and also teacher-dependent experiences with experimentation. One participant had dropped physics in high school and took a gap year. The repetition before the start of her studies makes her feel prepared. Making first acquaintances and getting to know the city of Göttingen in a relaxed way are welcome side effects.