Finale at the Symposium

Erasmus Mundus scholar Kiran Parajuli and ISC alumnus Àlex Tudoras encouraged a career in science.

The symposium was the finale of the three-week International Science Camp (ISC). At the Max Panck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences, the students presented the results and experiences of their weekly courses "Light and Matter", "Polymers from Natural and Synthetic Raw Materials", "Physics in Life Sciences", "Renewable Energies", "Molecular Biology of Plants" and "Biomedicine", and answered questions from XLAB director Prof. Dr. Thomas Waitz and the supervisors. ISC alumnus Àlex Tudoras Miravet talked about how the International Science Camp kicked off his personal scientific career. The Barcelona-born neuroscientist joined the symposium via videoconference from his current location at the University of Chicago. Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder Kiran Parajuli comes from Nepal and is studying agricultural sciences in Göttingen. She energetically promoted her subject and the importance of thinking internationally about one's own scientific career from the very beginning. The students thanked the speakers with much applause. The symposium ended with the distribution of the certificates, and the participants left for the farewell party at the Kiessee with one laughing and one crying eye.