Immunology – ELISA
For Student Groups

In this course, the different types of human immune cells are analyzed to understand the function of the human immune response. Also, ELISA, a basic immunological method and a tool often used in medical diagnostic, will be studied and performed.

Book Immunology – ELISA

16 to 20 years
1 day
Maximum number of participants


  • Preparation of a blood smear
  • Microscopy
  • Blood typing

In the first part of this course, the cells of the human immune system, their different function and interaction to accomplish the immune response are introduced and discussed. Blood smears are prepared by the participants and analyzed under the microscope. In addition, blood-typing is performed using artificial blood. In the second part, the ELISA technique and the role of antigen-antibody interaction is presented. The different ELISA types and their application in diagnostic are also explained. Afterwards, participants simulate a disease outbreak; “patient zero” is retracted using the ELISA technique.