Feedback of our International Guests

Thank you XLAB for the wonderful experience! The effort you put in to making our trip meaningful and enjoyable really touched us and we'll definitely remember this trip forever (Maxine, Singapore, Science Camp 2018).

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world, who I could make friends with and whom I consider an invaluable source of information about diverse cultures. Thanks to the fact that the entire camp was “English-speaking” I could master my language skills, especially in the scientific context, which is of utmost importance for me, as I want to study abroad. The city of Gӧttingen is very beautiful indeed and has an exceptionally rich cultural offer – e.g. concerts taking place in city churches several times a week. I feel that my scientific horizons were significantly broadened (Anonym, ISC 2018).

The courses in XLAB are really practical and interesting. The courses offered by XLAB are not commonly covered in high school which means that XLAB really prepares students for university level education. Through the courses, I was able to get deeper understanding in science as I had the opportunities to do hands-on experiments. Moreover, I was able to improve my skill in doing experiments in the laboratory. I really liked the experiments that are close to the application to our daily lives, such as water analysis in inorganic chemistry course, and the experiments to know the plants’ nutrient transfer by using radioactive material in the ionizing radiation course (Anonym, ISC 2018).

Talking about the courses, the experiments did are matched with what we are learning on that day and professors are giving clear explanations on every steps and answering our questions patiently, I can feel that they have put so much efforts on preparing the courses. The contents of the courses are interesting. It’s because I’m talking freshwater ecology and plant ecophysiology courses for the first two weeks, I also got chances to explore the beautiful landscapes of Germany! During the courses, we have so much chances to handle the experiments by ourselves many times and using many scientific and professional equipments which are specific in the field (Anonym, ISC 2019).

XLAB’s International Science Camp taught me how a researcher should be: Someone who is not stifled by details and who is able to communicate the bigger picture, someone who respects his peers in science, someone who understands how science is interdisciplinary, Someone who dares to ask questions to help oneself understand.
(Anabelle, Singapore, ISC 2018).
My three weeks at ISC were definitely amazing and memorable. The camp not only allowed me to work with such advanced equipment and knowledgeable lecturers but also provided me the opportunity to meet with students from all over the world who shared the same passion about science.
(Xin, USA, ISC 2019).
XLAB gave me a firsthand experience on what it feels like to be a scientist. From laser physics to nuclear science and neurophysiology - the courses were out of the ordinary, and the people who were in charge were very helpful. I was amazed by the scientific advancements people have done, and it inspired me to pursue my ambition 
(Fadil, Sri Lanka, ISC 2019).
I did my master degree at the University of Bristol and when applying for it - because it was so competitive in these high rank universities - the experience (ISC at XLAB) was something that made the difference in my CV (Velislava, Bulgaria, ISC 2018).