Solar System Research

The participants in the computer science workshop "Informatics for Astronomy" took a look behind the scenes of one of Göttingen's Max Planck Institutes.

The Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Göttingen is a renowned institute for the study of the solar system, the Sun itself, the planets with their moons, and various small bodies such as comets and asteroids. Using computer simulations and new experimental methods, the scientists at the MPS look deep into the interior of the Sun or investigate its gas envelope, the solar magnetic field, and the energetic particles that the Sun ejects into space. They also look at the surface and interior of planets as well as their magnetospheres, rings and moons. The MPS is involved in numerous missions of international space agencies.

During a guided tour with Martin Kolleck, who is particularly involved in software design for the various projects, the students were able to experience the laboratories and learn from an expert at the institute. As a conclusion of the XLAB afternoon course "Computer Science in Astronomy", the visit to the MPS was a highlight for them.