School meets Science

At the 2022 Federal Conference, XLAB lecturer Dr. Erhard Irmer spoke about chemistry with light.

Under the motto "Inspiring Enthusiasts", the MIT Club of Germany organized the nationwide professional development course "School with Science" as a hybrid event for science and technology teachers. Among the speakers was XLAB lecturer Dr. Erhard Irmer with his online workshop on the topic: Using light to learn the basic concepts of chemistry.

The MIT Club of Germany is the association of German and German-based graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. MIT is one of the leading international universities in the fields of natural sciences and technology as well as economics and social sciences. The name MIT is appreciated worldwide for the highest level of teaching and research and also stands for more than 80 Nobel Prize winners that this extraordinary university has produced. The goal of the MIT Club of Germany is to get more young people excited about science and technology and to motivate and empower them to excel.

Dr. Irmer also holds a Science Camp at XLAB on the interactions of light and matter for advanced students interested in research.