ISC course Renewable Energies

The course took place in cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center 1073.

In the course, the participants gained insights into the current research of the Collaborative Research Center 1073 in the field of renewable energies. At the beginning, they built dye-sensitized solar cells and analyzed components of this solar cells in the scanning and transmission electron microscope (SEM and TEM). How the very thin TEM samples were prepared for this purpose was presented with a "Focused Ion Beam Microscope". Afterwards, the participants built perovskite solar cells, which achieve very high energy efficiencies in combination with silicon solar cells and could therefore make an important contribution to the sustainable generation of electrical energy in the future. In addition to electricity production, sustainable storage is also important because of the natural fluctuation of available sunlight. For this reason, the participants learned about hydrogen, Li-ion batteries and redox flow batteries as possible storage media. Finally, friction was investigated in the course using an atomic force microscope, since friction losses play an important role in both the generation and storage of electrical energy, e.g. in wind turbines.