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The Goethe-Institute at XLAB

Online courses for students from many countries around the world.

Under the leadership of the Goethe-Institute in Göttingen, numerous courses were implemented virtually throughout 2021. In the course of six digitally conducted PASCH Mint Youth Camps, students from various countries such as Ethiopia, Jordan, Namibia, Uganda, Burundi, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, France, Belgium, Malta, Romania, and Poland gained insights into experimental work at XLAB. In the three Mint Academies, which also were conducted online, students from Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Argentina and applicants from South America got the opportunity to learn about experimental procedures on the monitor. The topics focused on selected experiments from the fields of plant physiology and neurophysiology.

In the digital course room, the young people from different nations met, enjoyed the exchange and were happy to learn the German language in connection with the thematic issues from the natural sciences.