A Bridge from Göttingen to Istanbul

34 Alkev High School students participate in a webinar on synapses.

At the instigation and mediation of Professor Susanne Schneider and coordinator Fransziska Schrage from the DAAD BEST Exchange program, the XLAB suggested five topics for the students to choose from for a German-language MINT webinar, of which the topic "Synapses" won the race. Neurobiologist Dr. Michael Ferber focused on the mechanisms of signal transmission at electrical and chemical synapses. He was very impressed by the German language skills of the students. The private Istanbul school has German-language bilingual science classes and also a STEM focus. Many of the graduates would like to come to Germany to study.

BEST Exchange offers student teachers at the University of Göttingen and its partner universities many different opportunities for international exchange around current topics in the context of teaching and school. With this and other programs, the Central Scientific Institution for Teacher Education ZEWIL is committed to the international and intercultural competence of student teachers.