Biochemistry during fall vacation

Many students were attracted by chemistry for biology, medicine or pharmacology studies.

At the science camp "Biochemistry", students refreshed their knowledge of chemistry with numerous experiments to get ready for life science studies. Topics included oxidation of alcohol, hydrolysis and detection of carbohydrates, structure, extraction and saponification of lipids, properties of biomembranes, isolation, folding and denaturation of proteins, enzyme activity, and isolation and analysis of nucleic acids. The participants enjoyed the experience gained in the lab, especially using the research-related equipment, and their new biology and chemistry skills.

Participant Julia recommends the camp to anyone who wants to put their knowledge into practice rather than just learn theory. Apparently, many felt that need: The places in the science camp were not enough for all those interested. Other camps in the fall vacations 2022 were "Great Material Wood" and "Physics of Real Systems".