Student Groups Online

In order to bridge the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when traveling is not possible or very difficult, we designed a ‘One-week online program’ aimed at students aged 16 to 20. With this program, we are going to stay in touch with all our cooperation partners and friends as well as we hope to meet curious people from all over the world who want to get to know us.

A team of five lecturers will accompany the groups of students through the week. Within this week, a 3-hour interactive online course is offered daily from Monday to Friday, course contents are focusing on topics of central research fields. Topics will change daily and therefore five sets of experiments are presented during the week.

The courses are characterized by interactivity: Experimental parts are presented, and the students are actively involved in the concept and encouraged to discuss and chat with the lecturers. To prepare the students course materials are sent in advance (pricing).

Within the One-week Online program, the university town Göttingen will be introduced as well as the laboratories of XLAB, where experiments until the occurrence of the pandemic were carried out in presence.
Of course, online courses cannot replace the experience of experimenting and for this reason, we invite you to visit the XLAB again in person as soon as possible!