We are happy to plan face-to-face courses even when due to Covid-19 some restrictions must be considered. Feel free to call us! Phone +49 551 39 28844. And we still offer online courses!

XLAB – Experimental laboratory for young people

XLAB is one of Germany's largest student laboratories for the STEM subjects physics, chemistry, biology as well as computer science and this extracurricular educational institution has received several awards for the underlying concept. Exciting hands-on experimental courses are offered not only for student groups but also for individual students who are interested in advanced and more sophisticated approaches of experimental setups. The offer is aimed at all interested people throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

School meets Research

Above all, natural science means curiosity. It drives scientists in all places and times to move from the known to the unknown. It is our aim to awaken this curiosity in the participants, to show students that experimenting is exciting and fun. Students experience how experimental work today is implemented in natural sciences and how findings are made by carrying out experiments in a planned manner. Our laboratories are equipped with research-related equipment, the experimental work is professionally supervised by our lecturers, who all are scientists or experts in their scientific field.
During the Corona pandemic, we are conducting experimental courses and online offerings in accordance with regulatory requirements. To ensure that all participants remain healthy, we provide clear hygiene rules for a safe and smooth daily routine.
Feel free to browse the website, there is much to discover or give us a call, we will be happy to advise you!

International Science Camp 2022 – Apply now!

Applications are open for the International Science Camp  2022, August 06 to 28.


Courses for People from Abroad

If you are at least 17 years old and ... interested in natural sciences ... want to work with up-to-date technology ... want to learn in an excellent scientific environment ... want to meet like-minded people from all over the world

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Numerous groups from European but also many Asian countries visit the XLABs laboratories frequently to get exciting insights into the world of natural sciences by hands-on experiences.

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