Opening of the International Science Camp 2022

The International Science Camp 2022 has started with participants from all over the world.

With a welcome and introduction by Professor Dr. Eva-Maria Neher, the International Science Camp 2022 started this weekend. More than 20 students from Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Israel and Korea just arrived in Göttingen to participate in the International Science Camp at the XLAB. In the next three weeks, they will participate in experimental courses covering a wide range of topics in biology, chemistry and physics. How are chemists working on sustainable polymers? How important are physical effects in life sciences? How can we produce crops for different needs? Additionally, experimental courses about energy conversion, interactions between light and matter as well as cell- and microbiology are part of the schedule.

Apart from experiments and a little bit of theory, our international guests will discover Göttingen and the region around.

Welcome to Göttingen!