Light and Matter

The International Science Camp conducted Experiments covering Light and Matter at Göttingen University.

After interesting experiments at the XLAB on topics such as chemiluminescence and electrochromy, the participants of the course "Light and Matter" during the International Science Camp experimented today at the Faculty of Chemistry at Göttingen University.

At the Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, they had the opportunity to get first impressions of the field of luminescent biomarkers in the working group of Jun.-Prof. Nadja Simeth and to experiment "hands-on" themselves. Daniel Lüert in the group of Prof. Dietmar Stalke (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry) dealt with magnetic complexes, and Oliver Bühnermann in the group of Prof. Alec Wodtke gave the motivated participants from all over the world the opportunity to explore the application of lasers in basic research.