We are happy to plan face-to-face courses even when due to Covid-19 some restrictions must be considered. Feel free to call us! Phone +49 551 39 28844. And we still offer online courses!

Hygiene Rules

We look forward to your participation in our events. So that you can devote your full attention to the experiments in the XLAB and health protection is guaranteed for everyone, we have put together the following hygiene rules for you.

We ask you to answer the following four points by email one or two days before your visit!
Requirements for entering the university - this also applies to the XLAB:

  1. Did you stay in a risk area abroad in the last 14 days before the start of the event?
  2. Do you have unexplained cold symptoms, especially with a fever, sore throat, cough, etc. odor / taste disorders?
  3. Has a contact person in your own household been confirmed or unconfirmed (test result is still pending) infected with Covid 19?
  4. In your answer, please confirm that you have read these hygiene rules in full and accept (read and accept) them.

Many thanks!
Hygiene concept in the XLAB and during excursions:

  • Mouth and nose covering (MNB) must be brought along or purchased for 1 EUR / piece in the XLAB.
  • If you attend our chemistry courses, please bring an MNB made of cotton with you, as plastic / microfleece is too dangerous in the laboratory.
  • At the reception, your group will be assigned a waiting and break zone, which you should use throughout the day.
  • There is a one-way system in the stairwells and narrow corridors - please note the signs. You enter the XLAB through the entrance and exit through the side door. Ascent is in the open stairwell, descent in the escape staircase.
  • It is compulsory to wear the MNB on the stairs, in the hallways and foyers, in the seminar room and in the laboratories. The MNB may be removed for eating and drinking in the assigned break zone. There are also many opportunities for walking around the XLAB.
  • Wearing an MNB is compulsory during the course - both in the seminar rooms and in the laboratories.
  • We provide you with your own workplace and ensure that the work rooms are adequately ventilated.
  • Hand, sneeze and cough hygiene should be observed.
  • If you need food or drinks, you have to bring them with you due to the closure of the canteens and cafeterias.
  • Transport to excursion locations: A vehicle is occupied by a maximum of 50% (in the case of odd numbers, it is possible to round up to the next higher number). Wearing the MNB is compulsory. This also applies to the driver.
  • The minimum distance of 1.5 m to the next person must also be observed in the area and an MNB must be worn.

These hygiene rules apply to the course operation in levels 1 and 2 of the Corona step-by-step plan of the University of Göttingen. If necessary, they will be adapted to the requirements applicable at the time the courses are held. No face-to-face courses are possible in level 3.