Chemistry in kindergarten

Being confronted with ´chemistry,` most of us come to think of complicated formula, sophisticated theories, and a couple of spectacular, yet noisy and smelly school experiments. Though, chemistry offers a whole range of experimental settings particularly suitable to introduce children to the world and work of natural sciences. Their genuine curiosity to explore the environment once awakened, the young scientists become eager to carry out the experiments more and more independently. Nevertheless, constant supervision by educational staff is needed to ensure that the children observe their doings thoroughly and do their first steps in categorizing phenomena in groups or classes.

At the occasion of the ´Year of Chemistry` in 2003, the XLAB together with the Vinzenz von Paul Schule (Vocational College for Social Pedagogy) collaborated to design a tool kit for experimental chemistry aiming at pre-school children. Afterwards, it has been tested in more than 30 local kindergartens.
Today, the experimental boxes include all tools and chemicals necessary to perform ´chemistry in kindergarten` and can be borrowed by interested educational staff directly from the XLAB. It is also possible to borrow the boxes on a weekly basis.

In order to cover the expenses for material and usage, we charge a usage fee as follows:

1 week  10 Euro,
4 weeks 30 Euro.

For further information and/or questions please contact us:

Coordinator Paul Mühlenhoff
Tel. (+49) 551 / 39 13620 or (+49) 551 / 39 12873
E-Mail: p.muehlenhoff (a)