Ionizing radiation emitted from radioactive substances occurs in nature due to natural sources as well as in various applications in science, technology and medicine. In the course on radioactivity, the participants can perform hands-on experiments to investigate the physical properties of nuclear radiation. Safety issues are address in a radiation protection instruction prior to the experiments. The traces of ionizing radiation can be observed in a continuous cloud chamber.

We offer the course on radioactivity with focus on different aspects:

Fundamentals 1

Fundamentals 2

Advanced Topics

  • Statistics of counting rates 
  • Identification of alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Naturally radioactive materials
  • Identification of alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Deflection of beta radiation in a magnetic field 
  • Half-life of Ba-137m
  • Half-life of Ba-137m 
  • Shielding of beta and gamma radiation 
  • Distance dependency 
  • (Back)scattering of beta radiation


Each course comprises an introduction into the theoretical background of the experiments. Besides the courses described above, the course content can be adapted to your needs. Please contact the Öffnet internen Link im gleichen Fensterteam of the physics department for details.

Duration: 1/2 to 1 day 
Max. number of participants: 30

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