Department of Physics

The XLAB Department of Physics offers a series of courses and hands-on experiments. There are fundamental experiments for whole classes and experiments like lasers that exceed typical high school topics.

Some courses have a limitation of participants.

Mr. Johann Krawczyk delegated as a physics teacher directs the Department of Physics. In addition, several XLAB colleagues and scientists are involved in the implementation and monitoring of experiments.

The Physics department cooperates with

  • the Department of Physics of the University of Göttingen,
  • the Department of Physics Education of the University of Göttingen,
  • the Institute of Astrophysics Göttingen,
  • the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research,
  • the Laboratory for Radioactive Isotopes LARI and
  • the University of Applied Science and Arts HAWK.

In consultation with these partners we offer additional courses in their laboratories.