Alumni Association

Origin of the alumni

XLAB Goettingen Experimental Laboratory for young people started in year 2000.

  • First, with experimental courses for high school classes from Goettingen.
  • Since 2002 XLAB organized the courses during the school holidays for highly motivated individual students from Germany.
  • In 2003 XLAB initiated the first International Science Camp. Meanwhile more than 300 students from all over the world participated. Many worldwide connections and even more important, many worldwide friendships are the result.

This is the reason for thinking about founding a XLAB Alumni Association.
It would be great to reassemble years later all students, which once made the wonderful experience of living together under their common interest in Science, in Goettingen and keep in contact via internet.

The XLAB Alumni Association is not restricted to the participants of the International program. All students, participating in extracurricular XLAB-Courses, can sign up for membership in the XLAB Alumni Association.
XLAB offers regular information about the recent program and will organize alumni meetings.

If you are interested please register Öffnet externen Link im neuen Fensterhere

contact address: m.ferber (at)

10 years International Programs

10 years International Programs in XLAB were celebrated on August 1, 2013, with an international festival. 

Professor Dr. Stefan Treue from the German Primate Center held the lecture "To see or not to see - Why do we all see the world differently", followed by greetings and video messages of XLAB alumni. The international guests contributed to a social evening  with traditional and modern cultural contributions from their home countries. Chinese opera, Turkish rod puppetry, Korean rap, Spanish folk dance and tortilla brought the world to Göttingen. Thanks to a generous grant from the Sparkasse Göttingen plenty of foods and drinks were available for the guests. The flags of 42 nations that blew from XLAB building represented the many pupils and students from all continents who have participated in the international programs in XLAB.

XLAB Alumni Symposium "Science is International"

On August 22nd of 2009 XLAB celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 10th and 11th International Science Camp. For this reason we invited the XLAB alumni to come back to Göttingen and to participate together with the participants of the August ISC in a Symposium entitled "Science is international". Several alumni attended the meeting and some of them held talks with emphasis on the question : "How did I start my scientific carreer?". 

The Symposium was a great success and will be repeated in the future.