About us

XLAB is the Göttingen Experimental Laboratory for Young People (incorporated society). XLAB's aim is to bridge the gap between scientific research and school teaching. We offer ambitious practical experiments and courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science for school students and teachers as a supplement to school teaching. At XLAB you have the opportunity to carry out challenging and relevant experiments and work closely together with scientists.


The XLAB is breaking new ground in science education.

Students who come to XLAB make experiences in natural sciences in a way which is totally different from school experiments. The school often has to settle for the mere transmission of knowledge and model-like representations. However, scientific findings arise from well-planned, carefully executed and evaluated experiments.


  • Focus on one topic per day of (usually eight hours), close integration of theoretical and practical periods.
  • Each student is experimenting himself.
  • Results are reproduced, evaluated and discussed.
  • Courses are designed and carried out by qualified scientists under support of technical assistants. The teacher is only an observer.
  • The laboratories are equipped with modern appliances.
  • In their outline, the scripts are similar to scientific publications.
  • Close cooperation with research institutions as a partner of XLAB guarantees the topicality of the courses.


Anyone who has experimented in XLAB can decide in a well-reasoned fashion whether to start studies in the field of science for he or she has experienced the way of thinking and working in natural sciences, as well as their own abilities in this context.