Structural analysis of an organic substance

In this project the students have the chance to become acquainted with modern methods in analytical chemistry. In order to resolve the structure of a common compound the following analyses will be carried out:

  • C,H,N analysis to solve the elemental formula
  • Determination of functional groups by specific detection reactions
  • Acid base titration and mass spectroscopy to determine the molecular mass
  • Oxidation by potassium permanganate and identification of the reaction products
  • NMR-spectroscopic investigation and interpretation of the 13C-spectrum.

An X-Ray crystallographic analysis in order to solve the 3 dimensional structure may be carried out also. All experiments are accompanied by short lectures into the theoretical background of the various methods and by periods for analysis and interpretation of the results.

Recommended: students from grade 11 on
Duration: 1.5 - 3 days (Depending on the number of experiments)

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