How is energy stored in electric and magnetic fields – and how is that related to wireless communication?

The course on electromagnetism gives physically sound answers to such questions. The topics covered in this modular course are selected by individual arrangement.

½ day to 3 days, max. 20 participants

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Experiments (½ day each):

static phenomena

  • Coulomb’s law with field mill
  • Attracted disc electrometer
  • Magnetic fields of coils
  • Specific elementary charge e/m

Time-depended phenomena 

  • Oscilloscope and RC circuit / RL circuit
  • Phase shift between current and voltage for capacitor and coil
  • Electrical impedance
  • Series resonant circuit
  • Parallel resonant circuit
  • Transformer 

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Course description:

The course on electromagnetism is composed of different experiments chosen by the teachers prior to the course. This way, teachers can select a program with variable length fitting their student’s needs.
The experiments on Coulomb’s law, attracted disc electrometer, magnetic fields of coils and specific elementary charge e/m cover fundamental phenomena of electrostatics and magnetostatics and can be selected independent of each other.
The experiments on oscilloscope, phase shift, electrical impedance, resonant circuits and transformer cover time-dependent phenomena and partly build on one another. For selection of the experiments and questions regarding the course, please contact the team of the physics department.

Addressed topics:

Definition and forms of energy
Description of interactions with fields